Why classic style dresses the best?

Fashion, a subjective term that has different meanings for everyone.

Some say fashion is something they feel comfortable in whereas for some it is something that makes them look their finest. And fashion is not just limited to clothing, it can include hairstyles, footwear, makeup, accessories, fragrances, and much more.

However, there are two major categories when it comes to fashion: Classic fashion styles and fad fashion styles. Let’s understand the difference and why classic style is the best.


A classic style includes anything that lasts for years to come. Such styles are widely accepted by people. And they come back to it when they want to make a fantastic impression.



On the other hand, fad fashion styles aren’t timeless. They last only for one season and are replaced by another fad. Also, fad fashion styles are not easily accepted by a wide range of people. There are only a few brave hearts who are inclined to try it out for the season.



As mentioned above, classic style always appeals to a large number of people. But what are the reasons or say benefits that make classic style dresses so appealing? Here’s why:


Classic style dresses never go out of fashion. This makes them reusable for years to come. For example, a classic dress brought for your little girl can be passed on to her siblings, cousins, and such.


Classic style dresses give you the flexibility to play with your overall look. All you need are the right kind of accessories. And voila! You will have different looks for different occasions with minimal effort.


Since classic style dresses are timeless and reusable, you are saving so much money. With classic style, you won’t spend money on fast fashion that doesn’t even last for a season.
All you need to spend money on is the right accessories which will be way cheaper than buying a whole new dress.

Environmental Sustainability 

Lastly, classic style dresses are environmentally sustainable. If you didn’t know this already, starting from the dress material to the final dress, there are several agricultural and industrial processes involved resulting in pollution of all sorts.
Since classic style dresses last for years, they reduce the need for manufacturing a new line of clothing every season. This, in turn, reduces the requirement of industrial processes thus pollution.



We aim at developing a fantastic line of clothing for girls and boys that includes classic style dresses. We have got communion dresses, flower girl dresses, classic dresses for events like birthdays, and more. Each dress is carefully designed and stitched to give a comfortable fit to the wearer. Here are a few examples of classic styles dresses for girls at Ana Balahan.



Ana Balahan Adelina Medium Length Classic Flower Girl Dresses Australia Melbourne

Another hit in our collection is a tea-length dress that comes with a sash. You can choose from 48 colours of sash options in different widths. We have also introduced light ivory colour for this dress and made similar improvements as Grace. The dress will look spectacular at any event!



Great addition to our classic style dress collection, Della is inspired by 1950s America. The dress is medium length with short sleeves along with a big bow at the back. It is designed to bring comfort to the wearer on different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, family photos, and more. Currently, we offer this dress in light ivory. Hurry up, before it’s all sold!



Ana Balahan Grace Full Length Flower Girl Dresses Australia Melbourne

One of the most popular dresses in our classic style dress collection, Grace is here to make your girl look stunning! We have recently made some massive improvements in the design such as a better finish to the hem, hiding the zipper, introducing light ivory colour, and size range from 6 months to 16 years.


Check out these three classic style dresses and more at Ana Balahan now.


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