“Caroline” flower girl dress seen at Jasmine and Ayden’s dreamy wedding

Weddings are one of the most life-changing events in anyone’s life. It starts the most remarkable journey for two people and their families. The day must be memorable and well-planned. Whether it is the guest list, the flower decorations, the wedding dress, the location, the catering, or the drinks, all should be perfect down to the tiniest detail. 

Young family celebrating their wedding day with flower girl and page boy at Bimbadgen Palmers Lane

However, amidst all this crucial wedding preparation, we can’t forget about a little flower girl. She constitutes a significant part of the wedding ceremony and is equally important as the bride and groom. A wedding without a flower girl is incomplete. 

Hence, the flower girl needs to be the best dressed. Moreover, she must feel exceptionally comfortable while performing her flower girl duties. After all, she not only spreads flowers before the bride walks down the aisle but also is a big part of the wedding photoshoot. And this was incredibly true for Jasmine and Ayden’s dreamy wedding at Bimbadgen Palmers Lane. 

Little flower girl walking down the aisle in beautiful satin and tulle dress with V-neck decorated with beads

With a spectacular view of vineyards and mountains, the flower girl at this wedding was wearing the “Caroline” dress. That added a sophisticated and dreamy touch to the wedding. 

“Caroline” flower girl dress is stunning and made to order. It ensures the dress fits snugly to the wearer and is comfortable for the entire day. After all, the wearer's comfort is one of our priority values. 

Little flower girl and page boy at wedding day of their mother having fun by jumping on a bed

One of the striking features of the “Caroline” dress is the glistering pearls. The pearls run front and back along the neckline and v-cut in the back. That makes the dress look classic, elegant, and sophisticated. 

The dress has a belt attached to it, along with a detachable bow that acts like a brooch. You can remove or attach the bow brooch as you please. 

Close up look at how a woman is attaching a big bow at back of the flower girl dress decorated with artificial pearls

Since we at Ana Balahan know that off-the-rack flower girl dresses cannot fit every body type, we have created a premium range of made-to-order flower girl dresses in Australia. The “Caroline” dress is part of this range made using high-quality fabric. However, light ivory color is the most popular choice, this dress can be made in any color as per our color chart. To know more about the complete premium range of flower girl dresses in Australia from us at Ana Balahan, check out our website now.

Please enjoy viewing stunning wedding photos from Jasmine and Ayden’s dreamy wedding and note how beautifully “Caroline” dress fits in the wedding style.


Jasmine and Ayden, thank you so much for the privilege to be a part of your stunning wedding!


Flower Girl Dress
Ana Balahan - Caroline

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